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Data 7 Bell Most Creative Design

Bell is a tool designed to remove a specific sound according to the will. With the development of advanced age many bell-bell design is more unique, both in terms of form and voice.
Here is a creative and unique bell design.


enter bell,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif

Liu Jianye has different ideas in designing the doorbell this time. He made his bell resembles a computer keyboard enter key.

2.The bell-shaped piano

bell piano,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif
The bell of this one can provide a variety of tones, allowing guests to play any song he likes. Li Jianye designers from china again, who designed the bell of this piano.

3.LED doorbell

led door bell,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif
Spore sells doorbell with LED models. Made of 1.8 inch pure metals, on the bell button is equipped with lights, so that beautify the appearance of this LED doorbell.

4.Musical doorbell

musical door bell,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif
Designers Mike Skene is the maker of this bell, taking initial inspiration from a man who plays percussion, striking action of one body against another and one's ability to interact with their environment through their senses. By using I-Tunes application, the owner of the bell can download new ringtones for their bell in just seconds

5. DIY Glass doorbell

glass door bell,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif

The bell is made from a wine glass, perhaps the concept of the designer who created this strange bell, "the time for a toast" when guests come ..

6. Home Visitor Recorder

home visitor recoder,Data 7 Design Bell Paling Kreatif

Can you imagine that one day the doorbell you become as powerful as a computer? Inspired by the system of counting visitors on the website, visitors to the home recorder is designed to store visitor statistics such as number of total visitors, unique visitors, average time of visits, average age of visitors, visiting times, etc.. Dominic Wilcox is creating this wonderful work.

7. Wireless NES doorbell


Shaped like a stick nintendo earlier times, but has been designed using a wireless
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