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7 Tips to Play Drums

Cara Cepat Belajar Drum


1. Always use the EAR PLUG (earplugs) to protect the ears from damage, and always use in training and performing. Now many drummers who have the disease tinnitus (ear buzzing) and until now there is still no cure. Spare your hearing.

2. Get used to using the metronome tempo every time practicing so that you always stable.

3. Play with RELAX, do not be tense and do not waste energy, there is no point.

4. Always prepare STICK own more than one pair if you want to perform.

5. Do not be too easily satisfied with the knowledge that you can. Try adding more knowledge by learning from the teacher of a different drummer or a more experienced friend.

6. Do not be too fanatic on one or two genres of songs alone, it is this which can inhibit creativity and make your game the player becomes monotonous and boring. Try a variety of musical genres and try you can play the entire flow of the music.

7. In the game should involve FEEL drum or in other words, should benar2 felt, must not hit and do not ever think that the louder the better punches. That's wrong! And also do not think that the faster you play the more intense. Not really, violence and speed has nothing to do with musicality.
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